Speed Down

Just like every year from Latinia we support different initiatives related to the Sport that in addition to its undeniable link to its values, establish a more intimate relationship if possible with the software attributes and Latinia in particular. This year we have decided to bet on … the inertia. Are we moving by inertia? Yes and no. Let’s review what it means: inertia is the property that bodies have to remain in their state of rest or relative movement … if there is no force that, acting on it, manages to change its state of movement. What force is that? The Market, my friends.

We decided to look for (and finally find) something that would familiarize us with that concept, and finally we came up with the ‘Speed ​​Down’, a sport based on ingenuity, imagination, ease, speed, efficiency, skill and design, so, as everything fitted us, we bet for it, and this year we will sponsor a ‘Speeddown’ team that will run various competitions in Europe … and hopefully in Latin America.