Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services

The purpose of the Maintenance Service is to guarantee optimal operation and to get the most out of all of Latinia’s software infrastructure products. This is due to the permanent improvements developed by our laboratory and innovation department as well as the new functionalities found in the evolution of third party products included in our LIMSP© AE and SDP 360º products.

Latinia works with several lines for improving its products: Corrective maintenance or planned updates, discretionally released for resolving anomalies and Evolutionary maintenance, non-essential improvements or minor upgrades, functional improvements of the product that Latinia develops at any given time. They are considered to be functional changes, secondary performance improvements and logical product improvements.

Finally, the evolutionary improvements linked to third-party software components that affect the product’s best possible performance (J2EE containers or database managers).

All of this makes it possible for our customers to have their products on the cutting edge of the latest improvements, both planned and evolutionary. They also enjoy the latest improvements that the channel and network technologies underlying our products (mobile messaging, e-mail) regularly put on the market.