Sailing Team

The J80 is a special boat. Designed to compete, it offers exceptional performance at high speeds, where teamwork is critical and crew members reliability essential to speed up the last knot. All this took us one day to the next reflection, are not these the same attributes of our software? One by one, performance, reliability, precision, teamwork …The J80 was the Latinia of the seas we thought, and as such, why does not make it happen?

If you add to all this the fact that the next World Championship category will be held in Sotogrande, the answer could be none other than the birth of Latinia Youth Sailing Team (YST) together with Club Nàutic Cambrils “.

Focused on the training of sailors in youthful age the project already has more than 20 boys and girls who, in crews of 5, will be conducted by the pre-Olympic sailor Alex Muscat. Once the training program is completed, better prepared sailors will be selected to compete in Sotogrande. World Championships are coming.