Manizales Riders

Since this year, Latinia has been sponsoring a young Enduro team from Manizales (Colombia), one of the most stunning disciplines of mountain bike, due to the spectacular nature of its races and the difficulties demanded on its riders. In Latinia we have always been committed supporting young athletes, proof of this is our relationship with sailing teams from different disciplines in recent years. With this action we want to fulfill a double objective, on the one hand, to give continuity to those actions of sponsorship and support to young talents and on the other to deepen our relationship with the local community of Manizales, where we have an important center of support and technological development as it is one of our main software factories.

After analyzing different sports we saw in all-mountain aspects that engaged with our reason-why, common and shared attributes with software world, such as robustness, agility, teamwork, balance or anticipation.

To begin with, this year we will cover the entire National Cup, as well as participating in some of the Enduro World Series events, held this year in Manizales, an opportunity that we could not logically miss.

According to Alejandro Jiménez, the Latinia Manizales Riders Team leader, ‘this sponsorship represents a unique opportunity to access contests that otherwise would have been difficult to join, so the Caldense talent can be visible at the highest level’.