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LIMSP© AE Alert Engine creates content, LIMSP© SDP 360 delivers it, always taking care of your customer’s best service experience. Channel Intelligence and Customer Intelligence delivering a single purpose: providing a more consistent, convenient and reliable service.

160208-imatge1-ENLIMSP© SDP 360 has born to manage, deliver and monitor content produced by Alert Engine or your own business applications. Turns simple events (your customer’s financial activity) into multichannel messages. If AE defines what and who must notify something, SDP 360 manages when and how.

Why LIMSP© SDP 360?

Managing new customer touchpoints (new channels, more devices) since it represents a huge opportunity to regain its WOW also challenges any financial institution strategy. New channels on new media works as the perfect storm that must be managed in a flexible, transparent manner and with the best possible time-to-market.

Adding new Notification Channels as silos generates a fragmented view of the relationship that we establish with our customer… Ignoring its true role as a receiver of communications. From a Channel-vision to a Customer-vision, provided 360.

SDP 360º has been designed to facilitate your existing applications and business processes adaptation to new notification channels (current and future), thanks to its integration abilities (“seamless”, through standard interfaces), powerful management tools (full parameterization of features according to the needs of each service), traceability and multi-channel and multi-device customer management.

Have you thought about whether all your services must operate under the same conditions or business rules? There might not be some services more critical than others? When replacing (or technological evolution) your communications provider, how does this impact on your existing services? Are you prepared to grow in services or traffic? How you will store data safely? How do I manage the different points of contact with my client? How do I provide the most positive customer service experience? Those are all the questions our product LIMSP© SDP 360 will answer you, combining both Channel and Customer Intelligence.

The industry of information technology and communications is undoubtedly the most dynamic of all the existing ones, but adapting to the rapid evolution of its capabilities has the same complexity as its great potential: it is costly to devote resources to learn, develop and maintain your channel’s offering and possibilities when at developing services any financial institution should focus all its efforts and its resources. There is where LIMSP© SDP 360 starts working.

With LIMSP© SDP 360, adaptation to usual channels evolution problems will totally disappear, so you can focus on the business services logic to exploit and not on tech specifications characteristics of each channel. LIMSP © SDP 360 adjusts the channel to your systems, not the other way around, reducing your knowledge gap and development time for new services launch.

LIMSP© SDP 360 offers a comprehensive toolkit for mobile, email, social media or push notifications services development and management based on a high reliability and security environment. Latinia’s LIMSP© offer transactional solutions with high capacity and easy scalability, characterized by high availability, level of security, performance, and high capacity interconnections with diverse communication systems.

Made the commitment to multi-channel, its time to focus on the customer. LIMSP© SDP 360 works for your services to delight your customers.

If you want to know more detail about our LIMSP© SDP 360 solution or product case studies, click here.