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LIMSP© AE (Alert Engine) is created from the concept of the customer as window of opportunities. Customers no longer respond to the logic of personalization in communication (we cannot tell them something simply because of who they are), but instead they respond to the contextualization and relevance of the information provided. That is, throughout the day our customers provide us, LIMSP© Alert Enginedirect or indirectly, with clues regarding their needs based upon their behavior (withdrawal of cash from an ATM) or that of their finances (direct debit of an electricity bill), which cause us to think that, besides informing them in real-time regarding said contingencies, what more could we offer them specific to their interests and needs? If payment on their credit card is due soon, we could offer them a deferment of the payment, a payment plan, or even a consumer loan; if we detect account movement for very high amounts, we could offer the possibility of blocking the operation, along with the accumulation of points from purchases, as well as which products of their loyalty program can be redeemed, whether their contracted deposit expires soon, a renewal or extension of the same, etc. ,…LIMSP© AE(Alert Engine) thinks, executes and proposes as many options as operations produced by your customers.

The mission of LIMSP© AE (Alert Engine) is to identify, in real-time, those customer operations that should be reported to the same, and to generate the corresponding multichannel notification (through our solution of delivery LIMSP© SPD 360º or of any other digital channel content delivery solution), thus creating multiple and alternative points of contact of the financial institution with the customer, depending on your business strategy.

LIMSP© AE (Alert Engine) manages the core data of the activity of your customers, converting it into business. Once the product identifies that the customer has carried out an operation (directly by way of the expense generated through a credit card consumption, or indirectly by any invoice payment), LIMSP© AE initiates the process of real-time reading of all those events (arising from ATM’s, branch offices, or digital channels), filtering and capturing those that should be notified, responding to criteria and interests of the financial institution (security alerts) as well as of the customer (alerts from subscription services).

In this manner, any operation that could be susceptible to doubt or risk (an operation performed abroad or outside the normal place of residence), is analyzed by LIMSP© AE (Alert Engine) and, if it fulfills certain security or business rules, is transferred to the customer (e.g. by way of LIMSP© SDP 360º), who can then reply using the same channel through which he received the information (text message, email, Twitter, push notification, etc. …).

Why LIMSP© AE (Alert Engine)?

LIMSP© AE (Alert Engine) carries out, in real-time, a reading of all the events related to the activity of your customers, based upon the different information sources of the company (physical or virtual), including ATM’s, branch offices (receipts, direct debits), credit cards, or alternative channels (online and mobile). Each interaction responds to a unique and univocal moment, temporary and contextually, and is treated as such by LIMSP© AE (Alert Engine).

Using as reference the subscription rules (preference of users’ settings in the process of registration or service activation), those of business (bank detected business opportunities from informational notifications sent), or of security (activity that the entity bank may considers anomalous according to the profile and/or normal behavior of the customer), the operation is performed, in real-time, of filtering, capture and delivery, of the recently assembled content, to any delivery platform, in order to notify the customer, in multichannel form, the message created at that moment.

The mission of LIMSP© AE (Alert Engine) is “simple”: to convert the day-to-day opportunities (recurring contact with customers) into something exceptional, into a unique (business) opportunity for us you and into something relevant for them.

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