Products and solutions | SMS – Innovus y Providium

Latinia’s SDP mobile messaging product range is made up of Innovus (monoprocessor solution) and Providium (HA, flagship product).

Both products are focused on facilitating, in a seamlessly way (using standard interfaces), our customers’ adaptation and integration of applications (and business processes) to the mobile channel, adding a vast array of management tools focused on parametrization of functionalities (according to the needs of each service), and the traceability of communications (not only messages, but also the different events related to any transaction, like their delivery status).

Have you ever thought if all of your services should be governed by the same parameters or business rules? Won’t there be services with more priority than others (financial alerts versus advertising messages)? In case of substitution (or technological evolution) of the communications provider, how does that impact on your existing services? Are you prepared to grow in your SMS services or traffic volume? How it will be the data going to be securely storaged? All of these questions are the ones answered by our products, Innovus and Providium.

The telco industry is undoubtedly the most dynamic out of any on the market currently, but the capacity to adapt to the dizzying evolution of its infrastructures presents the same complexity as its great potential:

It is costly to dedicate resources to know, develop and maintain “the telco extreme” when it is developing services where customers must concentrate their already limited resources.


The network’s abstraction entails a large advantage in developing services because customers can orient themselves to the logic of the services they wish to take advantage of (business focus) and not to the network technology (“a dead-end tunnel” even if you’re a large corporation), thus reducing development and service maintenance times (drastically improving your TCO).






On the other hand, Innovus and Providium facilitate the adaptation of the mobile channel to the institution’s area of services (host, online) and not the other way around. With this adaptation, the logic of the applications already in place is reused, and the SDP platform is what adjusts the technology (mobile channel) to the customer’s environment.


Latinia’s middleware products offer all of the necessary tools for developing, managing and exploiting mobile-based messaging services in an environment of high reliability and security.


Those platform products ease to develop on an independent interface from the messaging or communications provider, with a software architecture based on several different security layers to guarantee all the applications’ identity and confidentiality.


We provide solutions with a high transactional capacity and easy scalability, characterized by their availability, security level, performance and great capacity for interconnecting with heterogeneous communications systems.


Mobile Messaging Applications Suite


Can we automate sending SMS messages from a simple text file? Can we offer the different user areas (administrators, managers) a tool so they can send their own messages? Is it possible to redirect the SMS messages that we receive to an e-mail account?

In answer to all of these questions, Latinia has created Mobile Messaging Applications Suite, a set of applications that, integrated onto our SDP products, enable our customers to launch any type of service quickly and easily. These applications are the answer to our SDP Innovus or Providium Platform customers interested in making available simple tools for managing messages.


With Latinia Mobile Messaging Applications Suite, our customers no longer need anything else to get the most out of the SMS channel from the very start.