Product and Solutions | Next Best Action (NBA)

Want some fries with your burger? Who said those words for the very first time (probably in some Midwestern McAuto the 70s…) did not know he had just invented the cross-selling. What better pair of products appealing to the same need that those two?

Latinia is the financial notification’s McAuto. After any reportable event (financial operation) we know that there are “more things to say” to that client … because we work on his/her context, and from that analysis we know we can offer him or her more content…. relevant to him or her and his o her financial interests.

131125_diapo_angles1Who is, what’s his/her financial reality, where he/she is, what time of day it is, what products do their peers consume… in a nutshell, context. And after its analysis, emerges a question: what other compelling stuff could we offer him?
What is the next best action (NBA)?

131125_diapo_angles2Despite the willingness to implement customer-centric strategies, many organizations keep working from back to front, first designing the product and afterwards thinking about whom to target it; Latinia proposes to reengineer that logic through NBAs; first observing who has generated the opportunity for a dialogue (a client that operates a financial transaction) and then, from the observation of its context, what can we do to call his attention…through something relevant to his or her interests.

Maybe the NBA is to say him or her nothing, but we will have analyzed (and discarded thousand other options to consider them not important enough). And all that in real time.