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Latinia is a company that specializes in software infrastructure product development for asynchronous type financial notifications or push banking (texting, instant messaging, email, Twitter, push notifications). All of our products have evolved and been developed by using LIMSP© proprietary technology. This is a technologically strong and advanced architecture, focused on achieving a high level of availability, security and quality of service, which has been on the market for over 17 years and has processed more than 2 billion events and transactions.

The most important value proposition in our product portfolio ( Alert Engine and SDP 360º) is best represented by LIMSP© operating in a complementary way, although these can be perfectly exploited and considered separately (both technologically and in business terms).

While LIMSP© AE (Alert Engine) operates as a content creator (filtering, capturing and assembling the core activity of your customers, which has originated –direct or indirectly- through the different channels that your customers utilize in their operations with you), LIMSP© SDP 360º (service delivery platform) is responsible for the conversion (into a multichannel message), delivery and monitoring of the content created by LIMSP© AE (at that point still an event), in accordance with the asynchronous delivery channel rules utilized (prioritization, time-slot of receipt…). The first one devises content as a Chef in the kitchen would, while the other controls and coordinates service provision as a Headwaiter would in the dining room. All of this is served according to the specific taste of each customer (because none of the notifications are the same).

The emergence of new channels and communication formulae has pressured companies and institutions to continuously adapt their infrastructure and information systems to the challenges and possibilities offered by the same. However, the cost of said adaptation (through current applications and business logic) very often prevents the extraction of all the business potential that these could eventually put at your disposal.

Adapting and integrating those processes and applications to the dimension, not of one, but of each new channel that appears on the scene, represents a formidable, and often inadmissible cost for the information systems and architecture departments, not only in adjusting to the new reality of the channel, but also, and specifically, in the maintenance and updating required in order to respond to the possibilities being offered on a continuous basis. This logic often results in very basic adaptations that underutilize the true possibilities of the technological offer of the channels, obligating the company to acquire knowledge (specialization) that is increasingly further away from its core competences, as well as a burdensome lack of flexibility regarding new requests that its Business department demands from the same.

LIMSP© will enable you to deploy the most advanced multichannel business strategies from the very first moment, with maximum ease in launching new services and great capacity for the personalization of content and its features.

Likewise, the impact of LIMSP© on your architecture will be minimum, by avoiding, in the process of assuming the logic (possibilities) of the channels you decide to exploit, the need to change your current banking applications. The responsibility of adapting that technology (of the channels) to the already existing logic (of your applications), pertains to LIMSP©, not the other way around.

LIMSP© products cover, from end to end, the process that goes from the generation of the event (LIMSP© AE) to the service provision (in the format of a multichannel message) to the final customer (LIMSP© SDP 360º), responding completely to your business needs (start up, provision, control and billing of the services) as well as technological needs (robustness, availability and quality of service).

If you want more information about our infrastructure solutions LIMSP © (SDP 360º or AE), click here.