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Intellectual property:

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Further information:


Anyone using these services (the “Services”) should bear in mind the following:

LATINIA will not be held responsible, under any circumstances or at any time, for the content sent via the Services, as it merely functions as a communication channel.

The information that can be accessed via the Services is supplied by organizations other than Latinia, therefore Latinia cannot be held responsible for their legality, suitability or accuracy. In any event, Latinia will provide to any interested party who so requests the details of these organizations so that they can act as they see fit.

Latinia will take the appropriate measures to ensure that queries are answered rapidly, but Latinia cannot assume any responsibility for delays caused by telecommunications services or by the supplier of the information, nor will it guarantee that responses will be provided by a specific date.

Latinia reserves the right to include brief advertising information in the messages it sends. Similarly, by the mere act of registering to use the Services, the user authorizes Latinia to send it marketing and self-promotional messages.

The user agrees to use the Services in accordance with the law, morality and public order.

Data protection. Latinia guarantees the security and confidentiality of the details provided by the user-customer. These details will be included into a file in order to assist in providing the Services and to send users, in the future, commercial offers relating to products and services which may be of interest to them. If the details pertain to an individual, the individual may exercise their right to access, correct and cancel the data held in this file as set forth in Organic Law 15/1999, of 13th December, on the Protection of Personal Data, and other current regulations in Spain, by writing to our e-mail address

If the user’s queries must be passed on to third parties in order to personalize responses, Latinia will request the user’s permission. Users may exercise their rights to access, correct, cancel and protest data as recognized under Spanish law. The company responsible for processing the data is Latinia Interactive Business, S.A., Travesera de Gracia, 342-344, 08025 Barcelona.