Manizales Riders

We have always been committed to supporting young athletes. For years Latinia has been sponsoring a young, Enduro-mountain-biking team from Manizales, Colombia. Enduro is not for the faint of heart. It is widely considered one of the most demanding disciplines of the sport due to the extreme and dangerous nature of the races and the physical rigors exacted on its riders. By sponsoring this team, we aim to accomplish two objectives: continue supporting and developing young talent and to deepen our relationship with the local community of Manizales where we have a key support and technological development center.

We choose to sponsor this sport because they demand the same intangibles that Latinia tries to embody everyday: robustness, agility, teamwork, balance and anticipation.

According to Alejandro Jiménez, the Latinia Manizales Riders Team leader, “This sponsorship represents a unique opportunity to enter competitions that otherwise would have been difficult to join. Now Caldense talent can be visible at the highest level.”

Latinia Sailing Team

The J80 is not your average sailboat. Designed for fierce competition, it allows for exceptional performance at high speeds where teamwork is critical and the crew members’ reliability is essential to gain the last knot. This made us think: aren’t these the same attributes of our software? Performance, reliability, precision, teamwork—it dawned on us—the J80 is the Latinia of the seas. We decided to make it happen.

Focused on the training of young sailors, the project already has more than twenty boys and girls who, in crews of five, will be conducted by the pre-Olympic sailor, Alex Muscat. Once the training program is completed, the better-prepared sailors will be selected to compete in Sotogrande (Spain), where the next World Championship category will be held.

Speed Down

Every year Latinia supports different initiatives related to the sports that, in addition to their undeniable connection to our values, establish a more intimate relationship with Latinia and the attributes of software development. This year we’ve placed our bets on one idea: inertia. Are we moved by inertia? Yes and no. What is inertia after all? It’s the principle that bodies have to remain in a state of rest or movement unless there is a force that manages to change that state.

And what force is that? The Market. We decided to search for (and finally find) a sport that could embody that concept. Introducing: “Speed ​​Down”—a sport based on ingenuity, imagination, ease, speed, efficiency, skill and design. With a fit so perfect, we knew we’d picked a winner. Therefore this year we will be sponsoring a Speed Down team that will enter various competitions in Europe and hopefully, one day, over the seas.