Latinia invests in Koibanx, the leading blockchain infrastructure for financial institutions in Latin America

Mexico City, July 22nd, 2021.- Latinia, the software vendor specialized in real-time decision and communication products for the banking industry, and Koibanx, provider of integral solutions and Blockchain products for the financial sector, have achieved an agreement whereby the Spanish vendor becomes a new Koibanx shareholder, a deal “that goes beyond an investment to explore new avenues of collaboration with and for the clients… Continue reading »

Latinia, top leading CVC fintech investor in Latin America

Mexico City, January 13th, 2020.- Latinia, the financial notification’s software vendor, has recently become the corporate venture firm funding more fintech projects in Latin America, specifically in Mexico, complementing its activity as a software vendor for financial institutions. Both the recent report by Finnovista and Lendit ‘Latin America Global Investors’ New Fintech Frontier’, as well as by ALLVP intelligence monitoring, the pioneer and leading… Continue reading »

Latinia keeps growing in Mexico by adding Santander to its portfolio

Mexico City, April 3rd, 2017.- Latinia has just announced the incorporation of Banco Santander  México (@SantanderMx) to its client portfolio after the FI acquisition of the LIMSP © suite, consisting of the SDP 360º multi-channel notification’s product, the Alert Engine and the infrastructure for cross-selling NBA (Next Best Actions) services. “The position of Latinia in the region and the excellent feedback conveyed by other Santander… Continue reading »

Latinia backs 3rd FINNOSUMMIT México

Mexico DF, September 19th, 2016.- “Almost every type of financial activity is being re-imagined by startups, gaining an awesome media attention and rebooting a bicentennial industry unaccustomed to such shocking movements. Meanwhile, the old guard is trying to solve a puzzle presented by the fintech revolution. We truly believe this is not a friend or foe game but a fact that there’s a lot… Continue reading »

“Any interaction with you customer is an opportunity to reengage him”

Mexico City, May 28, 2014 – “Between what you want to tell your client and what interests him there is a small space, an intersection that all financial institution yearn; a place called relevance. We do have to understand it as the most direct route, the only one to regain the attention span of an increasingly absent-minded and unbeliever client with our commercial message”…. Continue reading »

“In the client context resides the solution to its current indifference”

Mexico City, 25th March 2014. – “We’ll only be relevant to a client if we are able, in real-time, to find out which is the next best possible action to its interests, and it all comes down to its context, assured Daniel Aguilar, Latinia’s head for the Latin America region on its pitch “Value Creation within each customer Interaction” held yesterday in the forum… Continue reading »

Bancoppel propels its business with the support of Latinia

Mexico City, April 9, 2013. – “Each Bancoppel customer directly or indirectly generates a large amount of financial information from its activity on a daily basis; these data contain relevant facts that are potentially notifiable. Multiply that reality by 10 million, which is the total number of Bancoppel customers and you will understand the challenge that Latinia has faced”, the Bancoppel Systems Manager said… Continue reading »

“Now it’s not about trying to be one step ahead of the competition, but your customers’ needs”

Mexico City, February 7, 2013. – “Not only there are not two customers alike, neither are there two similar moments in their financial life; there is always something relevant to their interests that we should be able to know how to identify and notify them. That is the banking experience path that should lead us to better monetize their business activity and accelerate their… Continue reading »