“Banks aren’t helping customers deal with the inflation crisis,” according to Personetics’ latest survey

One-fifth of customers feel ignored or abandoned by their banks. This is one of the big warning signs for banks in the latest survey of 5,000 banking customers from across the U.S., United Kingdom, and Canada conducted by Personetics, a company specialising in the development of data-driven personalised customer engagement platforms for financial services. This sense of disconnection between financial institutions and their customers,… Continue reading »

Towards personalization of bank alerts

Wonder how to improve a bank’s proactivity so they can offer truly useful and consistent service to their customers through bank alert? The software products developed by Latinia have been specifically designed for the financial sector, with the aim of providing a solution to this challenge. “The key lies in filtering and analysing customers’ real-time transactional events, which constitute an extraordinary source of knowledge… Continue reading »

No customer wants to talk to the bank call centre: how to avoid it?

A customer’s finances are awake 24/7, meaning the times they might need attention and advice from their bank are many and varied. Nowadays, one of the attributes most valued by customers is proactivity, i.e., that their bank detects one of these moments in advance, helping them to resolve an incident without the customer having to contact the bank’s call centre to deal with it…. Continue reading »

IC3 Report: Cybercrime in the US

In the US there were seven billion dollars of estimated losses due to cybercrime, and almost 850,000 complaints filed in 2021. These are the figures published by the IC3, the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center specialising in cyber and internet crime, in the “Internet Crime Report 2021”, which analyses cybercrime activity in the country. These figures presented by the IC3 represent an absolute record… Continue reading »

70% of banking interactions take place through digital channels

Banks have an excellent ally in the fight to reconcile digital and physical channels: the mobile phone. The use of this device has exploded over the past few years, and as McKinsey Financial Services analysts Sergey Khon, David Tan, Zubin Taraporevala and Ahmed Nizam, explain in their report Best of both worlds: Balancing digital and physical channels, “in 2021, more than half of all… Continue reading »

IT investment on the upswing, despite economic uncertainty, according to Gartner Research Centre

Consultant Gartner predicts that enterprise spending on technology in 2022 will grow by 3% to $4.5 trillion, according to its latest forecast for IT. In terms of IT spending by financial institutions, the Gartner Research Centre released a forecast focused on this industry that estimates spending will grow by an above-average 6.1% to $623 billion globally by 2022. IT services, which include consulting and… Continue reading »

Advantages of cloud platform adoption

The banking industry has made a strong start in the move toward cloud platform adoption to push forward its digitalization. Experts from around the world, such as Dominic Stewart, Cloud Engineering Senior Director at Oracle UK, are celebrating this strategic decision by some financial institutions and point to the many advantages of migrating to a cloud platform, such as its scalability, the ability to… Continue reading »

Retail banking sales fall 10% despite digital sales boom, says McKinsey Financial Services

How are banks dealing with the coexistence of physical and digital channels? McKinsey Financial Services analysts Sergey Khon, David Tan, Zubin Taraporevala and Ahmed Nizam answer this question in the report “Best of both worlds: Balancing digital and physical channels”, dedicated to analysing the impact on sales caused by the emergence of digital channels in retail banking. The pandemic caused by COVID-19 accelerated the… Continue reading »

More than 57 million earmarked for banking cybersecurity in Spain

The financial system, aware of the challenge that banking cybersecurity currently poses, is dedicating significant resources to the area. More specifically, and according to the article published by news portal Finanzas.com entitled Ciberseguridad: el gran desafío de la banca digital (Cybersecurity: Digital Banking’s Great Challenge), “it is estimated that Spanish banks spent around 4,000 million euros on technology during 2019 and that between five… Continue reading »

Dominic Stewart, Head of Cloud Engineering at Oracle: “Cloud computing is a secure technology for the bank and its customers”

Cloud computing can help banks better serve their customers, but how? This is the starting point for a series of four informative videos entitled the “Foundations of digital financial services”, a conversation between Dominic Stewart, Senior Director and Head of Cloud Engineering at Oracle UK, and Joy Macknight, editor of the prestigious business magazine The Banker. Each of the chapters that make up this… Continue reading »

Next Best Action, proactivity for banks

How to identify business opportunities from customer transactions? Latinia’s software, Next Best Action (NBA), has been specifically designed for banking as a tool to improve the proactivity of financial institutions thanks to the filtering and analysis of transactional events and customer intelligence data. The collection, interpretation and activation of consumer information has become a competitive advantage for financial institutions, as it allows for the… Continue reading »

TechnoVision 2022: technology trends for the financial sector

The digital transformation of the financial sector is a process that has been advancing steadily for years, relying on technology as its main driving force. Innovation is constant and new functionalities appear every day, heralding significant changes in the financial industry, but how can we determine which solutions will have a genuine impact on the future of banking? Capgemini, a multinational strategic consulting firm,… Continue reading »