7 Innovative Banking Trends For 2023

Which trends will define the banking sector in 2023? What are the innovation challenges facing the financial industry in the future? The publication The Financial Brand, in its article Top Retail Banking Innovation Trends for 2023, highlights that “the future of retail banking innovation has the foundation of internal and external data, advanced analytics, digital technologies and new delivery alternatives. Winners will be defined… Continue reading »

Benefits of the cloud for the financial sector

It has been one of the most important technological trends of the year and everything suggests that it will continue to be so throughout 2023. We are speaking of cloud technology which, thanks to its benefits for financial institutions, is driving their competitiveness and digital transformation. Latinia, a leading developer of real-time decision and communication software products for banking, has launched a survey for… Continue reading »

Digital transformation works to serve the customer experience

The growing competition from Fintechs has accelerated digital transformation in order to optimize the customer experience in the banking sector. This is reflected in the report Global Banking Benchmark Study by Publicis Sapient, where 54% of the 1,000 senior banking executives surveyed in 13 countries indicated that rapid and decisive change, rather than incremental progress, is needed to achieve their digital transformation goals. Thirty-one… Continue reading »

Customer Experience in Banking, According to EPAM’s Consumer Banking Report

Do consumers still trust their banks? How satisfied are they with their financial providers? Do customers still use branches or do they prefer other interaction channels? How is the customer experience in banking changing? What challenges and opportunities does unbundling offer? These are some of the questions that a total of 26,000 people answered for the international consultancy EPAM, the results of which have… Continue reading »

What should be taken into account to prevent digital fraud in the financial sector?

The digital transformation of the financial industry has forced banks to focus on cybersecurity, in order to minimize attacks on their own infrastructure, and to protect customers from digital fraud. Scammers are constantly looking for different ways to take advantage of users’ lack of knowledge and overconfidence to commit cyberattacks. As a result, each year the number of fraudulent operations has been increasing at… Continue reading »

What economic impact do Latinia’s products have?

Years ago, a large part of the sales cycle of a technological solution was dedicated to validating its quality and technical feasibility. Today, the decision to implement a given technological solution is mainly a business decision. As Francesc Pérez, Chief Revenue Officer of Latinia, explains “as technology solution providers, we can no longer limit ourselves to merely promoting the functional and technical benefits of… Continue reading »

The great value of the Next-Best-Action Model for banks and their users

Strengthening and expanding knowledge about client behavior has become a complex task for banks. Today, technology based on predictive analytics, such as Next-Best-Action models which the consulting firm Bain & Company discusses in its corporate blog, have become an excellent aid that “allows companies to track a dynamic view of their customers and use this information to better understand context and anticipate customer needs”…. Continue reading »

A data-driven bank is an innovative bank

What will the future of banking look like, and what must banks do to remain competitive? The key lies in becoming a data-driven bank capable of extracting maximum value from customer data, in order to anticipate their financial needs and offer them personalized products and services based on their interests. The article What the Data-Driven Bank of the Future Looks Like published by The… Continue reading »

“We are accompanying banks that are ready for cloud adoption”, Marc Alcón, CTO of Latinia

Latinia has been a leading developer of real-time decision and communication software products aimed at the financial sector for more than 20 years. What has it achieved as a company? How is it defining its value proposition? What is Latinia’s position on cloud adoption in the banking industry? Marc Alcón, CTO of Latinia, addresses these questions in the following interview. Where does Latinia currently… Continue reading »

Sustainable banking is a good friend

A bank that acts in the interest of society, clearly committed to doing things the right way, and with a management model based on the customer. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) defines what sustainable banking should be in its report Sense and Sustainability: an industry that generates a positive environmental and social impact, strengthening its ability to innovate and offer security to clients, by… Continue reading »

How should banks manage cloud migration?

Cloud migration is at the top of most financial institutions’ technology agendas, and although its implementation is still at an early stage for the majority of the sector, it is gaining momentum. This change in trend towards cloud computing on behalf of banks is one of the conclusions drawn from a recent survey conducted by the McKinsey consulting firm, which states that  “only 13… Continue reading »

Will RCS bring about the end of SMS?

“Buy your mother an iPhone.” This was Apple CEO Tim Cook’s blunt response to an attendee at the Code 2022 conference when asked if the company would adopt the RCS messaging protocol so that his mother could view the videos he sent her. In its article entitled “Tim Cook would rather have you buy an iPhone than use RCS,” digital magazine TechCrunch reported on… Continue reading »