Just three years after the inception of our alliance with our partner Finnovista in the Startupbootcamp LatAm

Latinia has already become one of the most relevant players in the venture capital scene in the region, investing annually in fifteen companies in pre-seed tickets of Startupbootcamp acceleration and scaling programs.

After three consecutive years, more than 40 companies now represent an inexhaustible source of information about the new paths the financial industry is trailblazing. But above all, it gives us a wealth of knowledge that we then pass on to our clients—knowledge of what, where and how we are observing the digital disruption in the industry.

This ability to understand and identify the best fintech companies has also resulted in some of these startups receiving additional seed, bridge and series A rounds (Dapp, Prestanómico, UALET, Prometeo, Flink, Facturedo, Koibanx) as well as the discovery of other outstanding fintech projects that matched our investment thesis (Belvo, Coinscrap, Ábaco).

Given this, Latinia might even be considered to be in a privileged position when it comes to recognizing the changing financial ecosystem as we transfer our wealth of knowledge to our clients. The digital transformation we’re immersed in means that companies such as Latinia play two roles: one to get our startup initiatives off the ground, and the other to inject our knowledge upstream to financial institutions.