Not sure when or how to make the journey from on-premises to the Cloud?

Count on Latinia as your step-by-step copilot—all done at the pace your bank sets for us. Traditional deployment, Container Stack, Container Cloud Stack or CloudStack PaaS with assisted services—you choose the way. You tell us where and how you want to deploy your notification’s strategy.

Whether traditional or over-the-container orchestration framework (Kubernetes, OpenShift), by distributing on-premises / Cloud-PaaS modules at your convenience, or by selecting how you want to distribute them for an optimal data upload performance to the Cloud. However many options your bank has, however many stages your bank needs. Travelling together.

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À la carte, because the world isn’t black and white

Where to store your Customer Data, whom or how to manage or delegate security, where to fix borders, how and where Auto Scaling, how to manage channels (owned or third party), or how to deploy by modules. For every crucial decision point, Latinia has an answer—we’re with you every step of the way.

We elastically adapt ourselves to your business-load needs, with the best-market practices based on autoscaling and Service-orchestration platforms. Information, which is always sensitive, is always self-managed by the client with maximum transparency regarding its operation and management.

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