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In an almost saturated market with an undifferentiated offering, with customers converted into the main focus of attention for any company’s operations and actions, and subjected to the most demanding industry of accounts, the service industry, the quest for the differential factor in providing services has become a matter of vital importance. The regular communication channels are no longer sufficient. The provision of services via basic channels such as telephony (through telemarketing) or commoditized tools like mailing have ceased to be sufficient as a basic service.

Faced with the dichotomy of providing new and better services to an increasingly demanding audience without increasing the investment, service providers must find formulas to satisfy both challenges while increasing the service’s satisfaction and appeal toward the customer.

Massive adoption of text messaging, e-mail, or latest appearances like push notifications – Android & Apple iOS- or Twitter supply service providing companies phenomenal possibilities for contact, communication and doing business. However, it’s worthless to test, which means investing, if the user’s reply to that new stimulus (the service) is negative.

The company will have lost money… and risked the customer. Thus, excellence in providing the service (not sending an SMS early in the morning or sending a second e-mail to sell something to someone who has already bought the product) emerges as a key piece in this market, more than ever so sensitive to the relevance of communications. It is not always, nor is it just because. Now it is however, whenever and wherever the customer says. He sets the (new) rules.

Latinia’s proprietary technology enables the Service Provider to more efficiently exploit asynchronous communication and business formulas such as mobile messaging, e-mail, push notifications – Android & Apple iOS-, or Twitter with developments aimed at the application’s logic and not technology. That makes possible to reduce the applications’ development, its time to market (TTM), and its maintenance times by 60-75%. This thus facilitates a speedy (and economical) deployment of services that enable them to cut back the time between when a business idea is put forth and when the results in form of earnings begin to come in.


Telefónica internacional
Telefónica internacional TISA has bet on Latinia’s middleware solution to operate its Regional Messaging Service (SMER) in Latin America.
Technical Lottery Systems (STL)
STL ONLAE (Spanish state lottery agency), via STL, and because of Latinia’s software, has full independence of its service layer with respect to communications.
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Fotoprix Movistar
Fotoprix Movistar The solution offers the necessary tools for operating the Movistar Movilfoto MMS service.
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PDM It offers its mobile marketing services via Latinia’s technology and its DIDIMO platform.
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ONCE The Spanish National Organization for the Blind (ONCE) exploits a LIMSP© infrastructure for providing internal communication services.