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Any government, understood as the most complex of organizations, and with the responsibility of providing service to the most demanding customers, the citizens, has a constant challenge in communication, and at the same time, an unsurpassable opportunity to establish new processes that result in a clear improvement in its services and image.

Massive adoption of text messaging, e-mail, or latest appearances like push notifications – Android & Apple iOS- or Twitter as universal communication formulas between people (already now more than just a social phenomenon) enables us to think about a natural extension of those channels to one of the sectors with greatest communication needs, the Public Sector.

Promoting a new communication and information channel, offering citizens new ways of expression, cutting costs, obtaining instant feedback about their likes and needs, or positioning the Government more dynamically and innovatively are some of the key advantages of incorporating a digital channel into the relationship of any public institution with citizens.

All of this places asynchronous messaging (mobile, electronic, instant) as the best tools for a fast and lively development of the electronic administration and e-Government initiatives.

Incorporating those channels imply doing so with the following necessary specifications: security (developments in the hands of third parties) and confidentiality (management and storage of high sensitive data), always in an environment of high reliability. That is Latinia’s proposal to its customers.


Junta de Comunides Castilla-La Mancha The Government of Castilla-La Mancha uses the product for communicating with citizens through SMS.
Gobierno de Aragón It provides different mobile messaging services through different government bodies to the community’s citizens.
CTTI (Catalan Government)
CTTI (Generalitat de Catalunya) The Centre de Telecomunicacions i Tecnologies de la Informació (CTTI) supplies messaging services to different government agencies.
Government of Galicia
Xunta de Galicia It operates an SDP platform for providing SMS messaging services to different departments.
EJIE (Basque Government)
EJIE (Gobierno Vasco) EJIE, the IT public company from the Basque Goverment, operates a messaging platform providing SMS services to different government sectors.
Canary Islands Government
Gobierno de Canarias The critical nature and demand required by its 112 Emergency service has found a perfect response in a Latinia middleware solution.
Government of Cantabria
Gobierno de Cantabria The Cantabrian government has a middleware solution for developing, operating and managing SMS services.
Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa
Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa Messaging platform for managing SMS notification and alert services as a mobile extension of its public services initiatives and policies.
Government of Spain
Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Administration The Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Administration uses the messaging platform to manage SMS related to Foreign department (appointments, state changes and notifications by default).