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Focused on seeking new business opportunities through emerging communication channels, mobile, electronic and instant messaging, due to their mass adoption and universal nature, ease of handling and low cost, they have become an indispensable alternative for any financial institution’s multi-channel strategy, thus offering their customers more comfortable and convenient alternatives in accessing their services in remote situations and conditions (i.e., mobile banking).All of them ease the reduction of operating costs in procedures done by and with customers, allowing financial institutions (FI) to free up resources for more valuable processes focused on business generation. Both technologies entail a field of possibilities to be explored that are nearly infinite. They redefine the current relationship between a FI and its customer base, thus facilitating the development of new business opportunities through multi-channel cross-selling of services and products.Clients do not answer anymore to the formerly compelling approach of personalized communications (or not only, at least), we do not tell them something just by the fact of who he/she is, but by the context he/she is moving and the relevance of the supplied information. That’s our philosophy and our products’, for the financial industry. All of this places asynchronous messaging (mobile, electronic, instant) as indispensable tools for promoting an institution’s customer orientation and its vision of the customer as a window of opportunities. LIMSP© products cover, from end to end, the process that goes from the generation of the event (LIMSP© CEP AE) to the service provision (in the format of a multichannel message) to the final customer (LIMSP© SDP), responding completely to your business needs (start up, provision, control and billing of the services) as well as technological needs (robustness, availability and quality of service).


La Caixa
La Caixa Operating the SMS channel through Latinia’s infrastructure since 2005. World reference in information and business mobile services.
Banco Santander Chile
Banco Santander Chile Santander Chile has the Product Suite LIMSP© AE and LIMSP© SDP, which allows the bank to convert to multichannel notifications events generated by its customer’s activity, based on its preferences and the organization security needs.
Grupo Banco Popular
Grupo Banco Popular SMS messaging platform for mobile banking through which they provide service to internal users and external customers.
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Redeban Multicolor
Redeban Multicolor REDEBAN MULTICOLOR offers cardholders, financial institutions and merchants SMS services though Latinia’s SMS Banking integration platform.
Caja España
Caja España It exploits, thanks to the robustness and scalability of Latinia’s platform products, its new mobile banking strategy.
Banc Sabadell
Banc Sabadell Latinia’s SMS messaging and e-mail solution is the basis on which BS develops its multi-channel strategy.
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4B It exploits mobile technology through Latinia’s platform products as the best guarantee of the quality of service and efficiency in mobile communications.
Caixa Penedès
Caixa Penedès Latinia’s SMS software infrastructure helps CP to capitalize on the mobile channel’s advantages and enrich its array of remote services.
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Cofidis With Latinia’s products, Cofidis generate communications’ transactions between the deferred batch processes and the online processing operations.
Banco de Bogotá
Banco de Bogotá Software infrastructure solution for SMS Banking services development and management on a multichannel strategy
BCI Messaging middleware solution and complex event processing system for a whole ecosystem exploitation of the financial institution’s core transactions
BanCoppel Bancoppel exploits the whole LIMSP© solution, completing the whole notification lifecycle, from its birth as an event to its delivery has a text message