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Product Vision

Latinia specializes in tackle end-to-end financial institutions’ multichannel notifications needs.

Latinia escorts your progress in making notification channels a strategic tool in communicating with your customers.

Latinia’s high specialization in this area facilitates and accelerates both the value creation for the final customer as well as business development for financial institutions

Product Vision

Replacing the existing notification architectures because of technological obsolescence.

This obsolescence may be due to several reasons, for instance: the need to meet a higher level of processing than that was planned when initially designed or the application of new architectural standards as well as seeking greater operational efficiency and ability to respond to business needs with a lower time2market.

Financial institutions usually replace adhoc developments when overwhelmed by both technical and business demands

Product Vision

Complementing or Substituting existing notification platforms currently limited to managing SMS an d E-mail Traditional Notification channels to acquire a true multi-channel / multi-device architecture that enables the adoption of new Notification channels (push notifications, Twitter, Facebook, etc..) that offer more efficient and personalized forms of customer relationship.

Dramatic technological evolution makes it tough to acquire the needed knowhow to respond to resulting business demands

Product Vision

Implementing a comprehensive end-to-end solution that shields all the required processes for a notification service delivery, covering its entire lifecycle, initiated with the customer personalized service subscription (type of alerts, what amounts wishes to be notified from, through what channels) and ending with the notification delivery, triggered when the customer executes a financial operation on which he wants to be notified (real-time customer performance filtering and generation of a multi-channel message).

Financial institutions aim to offer a wide range of alerts to let the customer customize himself the service

Product Vision

Providing financial institutions with a comprehensive view of the multiple Notification Customer Touchpoints, building a real 360-degree view of the customer in order to take advantage of its multi-channel life and to deliver a highly personalized and positive customer service experience, avoiding the traditional fragmented view inherited from current channel-oriented delivery platforms.

All notification processes are centralized on a single point of your architecture, on which unify, normalize, centralize and comprehensively manage the relationship with the customer and thus provide him a positive service experience

Product Vision

Leaning on Latinia’s LIMSP© architecture, we supply your financial institution with a new set of communication capabilities to reinforce your customer relationship as well as new areas of business generation through strategies based on Next Best Actions (NBA).

NBA is a concept upon which Latinia proposes the financial institution to develop a new sort of Propositive Banking, endowing the institution to recover a dialogue with their customers, being proactive by generating content (offers) based on real-time analysis of the customer context, delivering the right content to the right person at the right time.

Assuming the notification’s channel is fully adopted its time to grow business on it.