Latinia invests in fintech company Ábaco to boost financial inclusion in the region

Bogotá, January 15th 2021 –Latinia, a software vendor specializing in real-time event processing for financial institutions has recently announced its investment in the SaaS fintech company Ábaco, which operates in Colombia and Mexico and provides financial access to unbanked individuals. Ábaco develops a groundbreaking software for the generation of credit histories, the lack of which is a barrier preventing millions of workers from gaining… Continue reading »

Real time information, essential when the use of the cards goes from credit to debit

Bogotá, November 5th 2020 – According to Latinia, company specializing in real-time event processing software for banking, the financial industry presented important changes during the pandemic, which confirmed that consumers have opted for the use debit cards instead of credit cards to have more control over your finances. Data gathered from Clocktower Technology Ventures confirm what most vendors of technology for financial institutions are… Continue reading »

Banks need to update their discourse on the ‘customer journey’ and propose new formats in their customer relationship

Bogotá, September 14th, 2020.- Latinia, company specializing in real-time event processing software for banking, analyzes current customer relationship strategies in the financial sector and suggests to banks “overcome approaches based on the customer journey only but to focus on their financial moments”. “Not only are no two clients alike, but neither are there two equivalent moments in financial life. The finances of a person… Continue reading »

Latinia Intelligentia 2020 report: 10 conclusions left by COVID-19 for the banking industry

Bogotá, May 05th, 2020.- Latinia, company specializing in real-time event processing software for banking, released its annual #LatiniaIntelligentia report, this time an atypical edition disrupted by the abnormality caused by COVID-19. This document compiles data, reflections and analysis on the challenges, opportunities and transformations for the upcoming future of the financial sector due to the pandemic. This is the 12th edition of the software… Continue reading »

Bank’s Strategy must be focused on rejoining their clients’ daily lives

Bogotá, March 10th, 2020.- The great challenge that financial institutions face today is to put the customer at the center of everything they do. This is why Latinia, company specializing in real-time event processing software for banking, provides details of how banks can take advantage of the context of their clients to propose actions that benefit their financial life. “Let’s imagine a Grizzly bear… Continue reading »

Latinia, top leading CVC fintech investor in Latin America

Mexico City, January 13th, 2020.- Latinia, the financial notification’s software vendor, has recently become the corporate venture firm funding more fintech projects in Latin America, specifically in Mexico, complementing its activity as a software vendor for financial institutions. Both the recent report by Finnovista and Lendit ‘Latin America Global Investors’ New Fintech Frontier’, as well as by ALLVP intelligence monitoring, the pioneer and leading… Continue reading »

Latinia Bets on Neobanks Investing in Flink

Mexico City, December 5th, 2019.- Latinia, the financial services software vendor, has announced its recent investment in Flink, one of the recently born neobanks that are leading the new wave of financial services for millennials in Mexico. “Despite our sharp B2B profile, that accumulate 90% of our investments through the Startupbootcamp Fintech program lead by Finnovista, we believe that we cannot avoid the demand… Continue reading »

Prometeo Secures Investment from Latinia and Expands its Market throughout Latin America

Montevideo 25th november 2019 – Prometeo, an Uruguayan Open Banking Fintech venture, secured investment with Latinia, a  financial notification’s and context banking software vendor. These new funds will allow Prometeo to strengthen its market share throughout Latin America and will help facilitate integration between banks. Since Prometeo began operating last year, its goal has been to become the first open banking platform in Latin… Continue reading »

Experiences must be prioritized over channels

Bogotá, July 2nd, 2019. – Latinia, financial multi-channel notification’s software vendor, unveils the results of its 11th annual report on Mobile Banking and Social Networks, highlighting ‘the importance of experiences over channels’, as well as’ the move to the back-office of artificial intelligence after its burst in the form of chatbots last year. ‘ The report analyzed the multichannel offer of 100 banks of… Continue reading »

Latinia wants to be the Bank’s seat-mate in its journey to the cloud

Barcelona, ​​February 21st, 2019.– “Cloud is not a single truth or a final destination station, but a trip at different speeds, where we must be sensitive and adapt our offer to the transition banks decide to make, and when they decide to do it. Our responsibility as a vendor is to help our customers to progress gradually and adequately to this new context, hence… Continue reading »

Customer Experience remains the main priority of Latin American banking

Latin America, January 23rd, 2019.- Latinia, multichannel notification software vendor for financial institutions, has just unleashed its 2019 Annual Survey conducted among top financial institutions in Latin America and Spain. The results highlight that Customer Experience (CX) and the new means of payment, such as mobile wallets or QR codes, are positioned as the two main strategic and investment areas in financial institutions, to… Continue reading »

Afirme rivals’ top Mexican banks hand in hand with Latinia

Monterrey, August 30th, 2018.- Latinia, multichannel notification software vendor for financial institutions, has just announced the addition of the Mexican bank Afirme (@BancoAfirme) to its client portfolio, adding Banorte, Santander and Bancoppel in the country. For José Sobrevia, bank Product and Services VP, “reaching and going beyond the expectations of our customers is our main goal, and what better way than analyzing and working… Continue reading »