Latinia intensifies its commitment to Brazilian market attending to CIAB FEBRABAN 2010

Latinia, vendor of platform products for the development and integration of mobile financial services, is those days in Sao Paulo attending to CIAB FEBRABAN 2010, the 20th edition of the main Congress of Information Technology for Financial Institutions in the LatAm region. The event will hold 1.5 thousand congress members and more than 100 renowned experts and lecturers in the technology and finance fields…. Continue reading »

“US banks increasingly see mobile banking as a channel with its own entity and not as an extension of their online offer”, according to Latinia

“Undoubtedly American financial institutions, which historically envisioned the mobile channel as an extension of its internet banking, have left behind that focus, in part thanks to the growth experimented by SMS banking services, far away from the influential world of navigation and closer to other types of communication needs, based more on a bank-client flow and other service profiles”, says Ros, marketing manager at… Continue reading »

Latinia celebrates its 10th anniversary leading in SMS banking and riding a wave of expansion

Latinia, a Spanish company that develops software infrastructure, is celebrating its tenth anniversary as a leader in the field of SMS banking, while riding a wave of expansion. Alejandro Olabarria, Latinia’s CEO and executive president, notes that the company’s growth involves bringing its value proposal, endorsed by the leading financial institutions and public bodies in Spain and the LatAm region, into new markets. “Our… Continue reading »

Latinia, attending Movilforum Latinoamerica

Rio de Janeiro, Wednesday March 24, 2010 – Latinia, vendor of platform products for the development and integration of mobile financial services, is in Rio de Janeiro attending the Feria Movilforum Latinoamérica, an initiative of Telefónica and Vivo to promote collaboration between the carrier and the business community to develop services and applications based on cellular technologies. At the event, Latinia will present its… Continue reading »

Latinia, REDEBAN MULTICOLOR’s new strategic partner for SMS Banking

Latinia, the software company specializing in SMS messaging integration platforms for mobile financial services, announced today that REDEBAN MULTICOLOR will join its portfolio of customers. REDEBAN MULTICOLOR offers cardholders, financial institutions and merchants a technology platform for electronic transmission and routing of transactions done via points of sale, automatic tellers, audio response systems, mobile banking (SIM card based), and SMS services, on the latter… Continue reading »

Latinia receives CMMI 2, the most esteemed certificate of quality in the software industry

Latinia, a company that develops infrastructure software, has just received the Level 2 CMMI certification, an international Standard that measures the maturity and quality of software processes in an organization, and which is granted by Carnegie-Mellon University on behalf of the SEI (Software Engineering Institute, a research and development center sponsored by the United States Department of Defense). “The certificate directly benefits our entire… Continue reading »

Recognition of the business units’ needs and transferring it to quality attributes in an infrastructure, main conclusions of the 2nd Latinia mBanking Webinar “Examples of Integration in Financial Institutions”

Accurately identifying and understanding the scope of the financial entity’s business units’ needs and transferring these requirements to quality attributes in an infrastructure were the main conclusions of the 2nd Latinia mBanking Webinar. This time it addressed the integration aspects of a middleware solution in the financial institutions’ corporate information application and system environments. The event was once again graced by Grupo Banco Popular’s… Continue reading »

Latinia promotes its support unit with ITIL Foundation Certificates

Latinia, a software infrastructure development company, has just obtained ITIL Foundations certificates for all of its Support team as well as Service Manager for its Unit manager. This coincided with the week during which the first ITIL Conference held outside of England took place, in Barcelona. According to Carlos Moreno, Latinia’s Operations Manager, this certification “gives the company a new competitive edge, in this… Continue reading »

“Mobile banking should not fish on online banking fishing grounds”, according to Latinia

“It is in the channels where banking has the highest costs per contact where mobile financial services (MFS) should seek new consumers, not only in online banking because that by definition already shares cost structures (for the bank) as light as the mobile channel. Planning on securing new users among the institution’s online customer segment means losing the opportunity to cut the cost per… Continue reading »

The mobile channel, omnipresent in Spanish banking

Only one of the 50 main Spanish financial institutions does not have any type of mobile service in its offering of financial services. Ninety-eight percent of those top 50 institutions have at least one mobile financial service (MFS) in its multi-channel selection (penetrations of 92% in SMS and 65% in WAP), 62% has at least two technologies (SMS and WAP) in their offer, and… Continue reading »

Latinia increases its commitment to Latin America in CL@B 2009

Latinia, in its firm commitment toward the Latin American market is attending, during these few days, the 9th Strategic Conference of Technology and Financial Marketing (CL@B) of Miami. This is the main place for meeting and exchanging practical cases between bankers and leading technology and financial marketing executives from Latin America. Under the title of “Technology and marketing equals productivity and efficiency”, close to… Continue reading »

Latinia joins Oracle® PartnerNetwork

Latinia, a company specializing in middleware product software infrastructure, just formalized its entry to the Oracle® Partner Network. “Although our relationship on the one hand with Oracle and on the other with BEA was intense because of the concentration of some of their products in implementing our middleware solutions, after Oracle acquired BEA, it made more sense to unify both programs and manage the… Continue reading »