Banks without a mobile strategy in 2009 run the risk of going offside according to Latinia

Mexico City, Wednesday, July 16.- “The rules of the game will start to change significantly starting in 2009”. The clout of cell phones in Mexican society obligate financial institutions to include them in their multi-channel strategies any way you look at it”, according to Francesc Perez, Latinia’s business director. He is leading the Spanish software company’s expansion in that region. Banking and cellular telephony… Continue reading »

More than 100 million “financial” SMS per year

Through our platform products, our financial sector customers are already nearing the figure of 10 million SMSs per month. This is an undoubtedly major percentage of all SMS mobile banking communications made every month in Spain”, stated company sources. “Its constant and sustained growth over the past years, especially intense in these past few months, is the product, on the one hand, of greater… Continue reading »

Latinia brings together the CIOs of the principal Mexican banks at a Spanish wine tasting ceremony

Last Tuesday, Latinia brought together the main CIOs and other IT executives from the main financial institutions at the Riedel Wine Bar in Mexico City at its presentation before the national banking industry. The event, a big success, was graced with the presence of representatives of leading companies in the use and operation of mobile banking and financial services via cell phones, and it… Continue reading »

The importance of mobile financial services is highlighted

Mobile messaging platforms (SMS) occupy the fourth communication channel with customers of banking services after branch offices, telephone and Internet banking, assured a study conducted by Spanish firm Latinia. “Considering that by the end of the year 2010 there will be more mobile lines than people in Mexico, mobile messaging platforms will become the factor that will mark the difference between banks”, it stresses…. Continue reading »

“Mobility has ceased to be a competitive advantage for a bank. Today it is a need, a must”, affirmed Latinia at the Mobile Commerce Americas

Latinia, via Francesc Perez, business manager of the Spanish software vendor who is in Miami now participating in the 2nd edition of Mobile Commerce Americas, underlined today in his track “SMS Banking: the shortest path with the longest route”, the nature of “competitive need and no longer competitive advantage” of mobility in the multi-channel strategy of any financial institution. Mobile Commerce Americas is the… Continue reading »

Caixa Penedès and MAP, Latinia’s new clients

Latinia has just announced the incorporation into its customer portfolio of Caixa Penedès and the Ministry of Territorial Policy (former MAP) for operating the SMS mobile channel in its communications and business processes. “Beyond being two new and important references, they are especially so because they open and identify two niches where we had a lesser presence up to now, if we compare it… Continue reading »

Latinia obtains the prize “Telefonica Movilforum for the Best Mobile Solution” with Grupo Banco Popular

Spanish company Latinia received the Award for the Best Mobile Innovation Solution in Madrid today awarded by Telefónica within the framework of the eighth Movilforum Fair (in Spain). The firm’s chief marketing officer, Oriol Ros, received the award today at an event celebrated at the fair’s closing by Francisco Ros Perán, Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society. In this annual meeting especially… Continue reading »

Efficiency and innovation, Spanish banks priority objectives to confront the crisis

Technology and multichannelness as tools in seeking efficiency like the Holy Grail. This may be the main conclusion reached by the different financial institutions attending the New Banking and Insurance Techniques seminar organized by SOCINFO and sponsored by Latinia last Wednesday in Madrid. It was also attended by representatives of Grupo Banco Popular, Bankinter, Rural de Servicios Informáticos (RSI), Seguros Santa Lucía and the… Continue reading »

Latinia extends its infrastructure products toward e-mail solutions

Latinia, a company specializing in software infrastructure, has just announced the launch of a new product range focused on e-mail. It has thus extended its traditional selection based on mobile messaging, the product category in which it occupies a distinguished position in providing middleware solutions for financial institutions and government. “It has been a natural evolution of our expertise and know-how, but it especially… Continue reading »

Significant advance in mobile banking in Latin America in the last year

According to a study conducted among the 125 main Latin American financial institutions by Latinia, a software infrastructure company specializing in mobile banking platform products, in the last 18 months, there has been a significant advance in the selection of mobile financial services (MFS) in Latin American banking. Its penetration has gone from 38% to 51% (64 banks). If we reduce this figure to… Continue reading »

Grupo Banco Popular and Latinia set their sights on mobile devices as the “main character” for this year

Latinia, a company specializing in software infrastructure and Grupo Banco Popular, that has based its SMS banking strategy on one of Latinia’s products since 2006 are setting their sights on a 2009 “where mobility and more specifically SMS banking are going to stand out as one of the main financial service channels demanded by our customers”, pointed out Enrique Martínez Martín, the institution’s mobile… Continue reading »

“The MWC has enabled us to certify the industry’s confidence in using mobile devices as a method of payment”

“Fewer terminals, more services, many application stores -after the model launched by Apple with the iPhone (without official representation but quite present)- and especially many mobile device-related initiatives such as method of payment”. These would be some of Latinia’s main conclusions on the now closed Mobile World Congress (MWC) that took place in Barcelona last week and brought together nearly 50,000 attendees, somewhat less… Continue reading »