Banking and the metaverse

“The metaverse is the next evolution of the Internet experience, which enables people to move beyond browsing the web towards participating in or even inhabiting a persistent shared experience that spans the spectrum of our real world to a fully virtual world and in between.” This is the definition for the metaverse, one of the key digital trends in recent months, put forward by… Continue reading »

The emergence of mobile banking

mobile banking

Mobile banking, although already on the rise even before the pandemic, has experienced extensive growth from 2020 onwards, establishing itself as a key element in improving the customer experience. Current state of mobile banking As reported in the article How Banking Apps use Push Notifications to enhance the Customer Experience published by One Signal, statistics show that even before the pandemic, two thirds of… Continue reading »

Cloud computing, spearheading digital transformation

Cloud Computing, banca digital

The future of IT technology should be geared towards the adoption of cloud computing by businesses. This is one of the most common recommendations in reports on technology trends in 2022, such as those recently published by global consulting firms KPMG, Deloitte, and IDC. What are the advantages of cloud computing for banks? This system of organising computing resources into services through the internet… Continue reading »

Digital for Good, the role banks play in sustainable development, according to Chris Skinner

Digital for Good, Chris Skinner

The financial industry and technology can contribute to the construction of a fairer, more sustainable world. This is the premise behind the latest book from Chris Skinner – one of the world’s most influential finance and technology experts and creator of blog Entitled Digital for Good, the book has been written with collaboration from industry professionals including Oriol Ros, Director of Corporate Development… Continue reading »

CASE STUDY – Banco Bolivariano (Ecuador)

THE CHALLENGE Cloud, Clients and Channels define this project. So it was described by @Kyra Arcia, Head of Marketing and Innovation at @BancoBolivariano to comment the bank’s latest project, where they have relied on @Latinia as a critical notification event-gateway solution. “We are in the customer’s moment; he decides how and through which channels he wants to be served. He is in command, and… Continue reading »