2016 Challenge

He was not afraid of difficulties: what frightened him was the obligation of having to choose a path. Choosing a path meant abandoning others, Paulo Coelho.

The road to Rio 2016 will not be exempt of difficulties. Both Carlos and Dani know it, and also do we. We know there will be doubts, there will be obstacles, but also moments of joy and passion by each defeated mile, the same passion that puts Latinia in every line of code that makes up your software.

Carlos Robles and Dani Codina are our bet. And so it is because what they represent has a huge proximity to our corporate culture, based on teamwork, agility, spirit of excellence, youth and of course, ambition. This is very consistent with Latinia given that those are concepts closely linked to our DNA, hence our wish to escort Carlos and Dani in the challenge to Rio 2016 Olympics.

To walk this path together will involve us in a dream as the one we have at Latinia, to be better every day, excel in what we do, and innovate to create a better future, cause of as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, as we heartily do.

Welcome on Latinia Challenge 2016