Company | Latinia


Latinia is an independent software vendor, which specializes in infrastructure product development for multichannel asynchronous type financial notifications (mobile or instant messaging, email, Social Media, push) and contextual generation communications.

Nowadays, the challenge for technology departments of financial institutions lies, not only in the exploration of the latest trends and attributes of quality of our Software Platforms such as reliability, scalability, availability and security, but also in providing its business departments with greater technological awareness, facilitating them with more tools for exploiting the same, thus enabling them to adapt faster and to be more flexible to business changes, which the current market is demanding from them. This is where Latinia appears on the scene.


Our two groups families of infrastructure products (LIMSP© AE and LIMSP© SDP 360º), developed under proprietary technology, help these companies and institutions to incorporate and exploit all kinds of asynchronous new communication channels of communication (asynchronous), without their current business logic and applications undergoing change and adaptation costs. They are, therefore, able to benefit from all its advantages in an agile, clean and competitive manner, converting the colossal mass of data and growing activity of their customers into new relational and business opportunities.

For more than 15 years now, Latinia (created in 1999) has been focusing its efforts of innovation on discovering new possibilities offered by push banking, and in transforming simple events into notifications and subsequent multichannel messages (alerts) for generating positive service experiences. Using an onion as example, LIMSP© is adding layers of value to an initial core, thus transforming it into a business opportunity, converting each message into something unique for the customer, due to the relevance attached to the same and based upon the context in which it arises.

Kalonia, a company engaged in the provision of consultancy services and management for private companies and public organizations nationwide and internationally, is in charge of the strategic management of Latinia.