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Latinia strives to make the adaptation of these new channels to be light, flowing and seamless. This is why our products have been designed and work, in order to adapt technology to their systems and applications’ business logic and not the other way around. Our products make the adaptation to the new channel (mobile messaging, e-mail) imperceptible for your IT departments. We adapt your adoption needs (of new digital and asynchronous channels) to the understandable low flexibility that your systems and architectures often yield through products that make the capacity to integrate their main stronghold.

Today, organizations analyze their processes (internal, business) to decide where and how new communication channels can help them be more efficient, create value, optimize processes and reduce costs. This step tends to entail, over time, cost and revenue inefficiencies due to mass (and growing) use of the channel that requires solutions able to unify, centralize and manage thousands of communications (messages) as optimally and securely as possible. That is where Latinia’s software infrastructure products reach their greatest dimension.

Most of nowadays mobile banking projects generally kick-off from the idea of adapting their current processes (i.e., host, online banking) to the new channel and their specific providers. As the channel grows, their associated problems do: data dispersion, security assets (authentication of applications and operating users, storage policy), unification of communications, different needs in using services, the risk of greater dependence on the channel’s communications provider, demand on the quality of service provided, etc…those are the problems we attack and the need we solve, and finally, the raison d’etre for our SDP middleware solutions for messaging and e-mail.

Exploitation of the advantages of these new digital channels requires confronting barriers that are directly proportionate to their big potential.

The organizations’ IT departments must avail themselves of the necessary expertise to face the complexity of implementing and integrating technologies that with a dynamic of permanent evolution, forces them to make an ongoing investment in maintenance and evolution.

This dynamic, not at all easily assumable by the organizations (and its IT departments), enormously affects their capacity to harness the technology’s true potential and make it available to its business departments speedily and flexibly, and therefore hugely limiting the possibilities of taking advantage of it.

The sensitivity and solution to these needs, personalized in our customer portfolio, make up Latinia’s genuine reason why.

Are you prepared for the growth of your messaging channels?

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